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Fun, authentic, laid-back, beautiful… Antigua! There is no better way to explore the island than our popular Antigua Island Tour. You get to experience the best of everything that Antigua has to offer, in one amazing day!

Discover all of Antigua’s well-known and hidden treasures as you journey through small villages, into a national parks, and to the extraordinary lookout point of Shirley Heights. Views of tropical gold-sand beaches and sky-colored ocean are just the beginning of what this Antigua tour has in store for you.

All of our tours are private, and you can customize them completely to your liking. We highly recommend this tour due to the fact of how much you get to see and do in one day. If you are choosing one thing to do while you are visiting us, our Explore Antigua Tour is the best choice!

A fully air conditioned vehicle comes along with a well-trained, knowledgeable, and very friendly driver and guide. All entrance fees are included, and as always, cold bottled water, and cold towels to cool down will be well stocked.



Betty’s Hope 

  • Betty’s Hope was Antigua’s pioneer sugar plantation, founded about 1650. It is now in ruin, as so many other West Indian sugar estates. The founder of Betty’s Hope was Governor Keynell, whose widow inherited the estate upon his death in 1663, but was forced to flee Antigua during the French occupation in 1666.
  • Today, though the project is still on its way to completion visitors can still view new and improved exhibits, follow a trail system to view the exposed ruins and the local flora, rest on the picnic benches, enjoy interpretive signage and self guided brochures for the full history of this monument.

Stingray City Dock

  • This stop is a land base base tour of popular Stingray City. Here, you will see an assortment of birds, so snap a few pictures. During this stop, you can book your “Snorkel with the Stingrays” tour if you had not already.

Nelson’s Dockyard 

  • In the early eighteenth century, the British Royal Navy recognized the strategic importance of English Harbour in protecting ships from hurricanes and in its position at the south of the island for monitoring French naval activity.  Today, Nelson’s Dockyard provides many sites and activities for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Shirley Heights Lookout

  • Shirley Heights, named after the former governor Sir Thomas Shirley. Overlooking English Harbor and Galleon Beach, Shirley Heights is one of the best spots to get a bird’s-eye view of the island.

Block House 

  • This is the easternmost part of the military complex, with a magnificent view looking over the south-east coast . It was designed as a place of last refuge, which is indeed the meaning of the word. A moat opposing the vertical cliffs was originally planned, but was never started. The Officer’s Quarters is in ruin as are the out buildings, servants quarters, married quarters and stables. There is a fine powder magazine, cistern and catchment that have received some restoration work.

Interpretation Centre – Dow’s Hill

  • Dow’s Hill has an interpretation centre that offers an well crafted and knowledgeable production on the history, culture and heritage of Antigua and Barbuda. Look back into the six ages
    of time that have shaped and formed what our island is today in an air conditioned and comfortably seated arena. This fifteen minute long presentation takes you on a trip through the eras of the Amerindian hunters, the British military and the struggle against slavery.

Halfmoon Bay (Included in the 5 hr tour ONLY)

  • For this stop, the tour takes you to the most eastern tip of the island. Where you’re welcome by one of the most beautiful beaches on the island in shape of half moon, hence the name “HalfMoon Bay”.  However, the drive there is just as breathtaking, so have your camera ready. If there is time, have your drive stop so you can take pictures at the lookout point at Willoughby Bay.
  • One of the first towns occupied by the slaves after emancipation is Freetown. You will go pass the Freetown Village along the way.

Beach Stop  (Included in the 5 hr tour ONLY)

  • The island has 365 beaches, and there will be many along the tour.

Rain forest – Fig  Tree Drive (Included in the 6 hr tour ONLY)

  • For this route on the tour, the road passes through an area of lush vegetation and rain-forest and rises to the steep farmlands around Fig Tree Hill (figs are what Antiguans call bananas) before descending to the coastline again. Along the way are banana, mango, and coconut groves, as well as a number of old sugar mills and pleasant little churches.

Drive Through St. John’s City  (Included in the 6 hr tour ONLY)

  • St. John’s is the capital and largest city of Antigua and Barbuda. It is the commercial center of the island.  This tour does not stop in St. John’s, but if you do get back to the city, here are some things to check out, Dust of Sir V.C. Bird, Sr, Government House, Antigua Recreation (Cricket) Grounds, Redcliffe Quay, Prince Klass Monument, The Cenotaph (War Memorial), The Westerby Memorial, Heritage Quay, Public Market, St. John’s Cathedral Divine, Arts & Craft Market.


Tour Includes:
  • Round trip transportation from hotel or cruise pier and return
  • Entrance fee to nation parks.
  • Guided tour of History and Culture of the island
  • Bottled Water and/or Wadadli Beer
  • Lunch and meals
  • Gratuities (optional)
Meet up location:
  • If you are arriving on a cruise, please send name of ship and scheduled arrival time. It is important for me to know the name of the ship since there are multiple ships in port on some days
  • If  you are staying at a hotel, arrangement will made to meet you at the hotel.
 End location:
  • Guest will be dropped off at the same point where you were picked up
  • 4 to 6  hours (We leave it you the guest to decide)
Tour Days
  • Monday – Saturday. (Not available on Sundays and Public Holidays)

Cancellation Policy

Guest must cancel at least 14 days prior to schedule date of tour. Cancellation within 14 days, a penalty of 20% applies plus admin fee.

Admin fee is non-refundable 24 hrs after booking.